Alloy Foldaway Emergency Stretcher with Wheels


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Alloy Foldaway Emergency Stretcher with Wheels

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  • Size: 1850mm x 515mm x 210mm
  • Store in compact storage (Ideal for Checkpoints Safety Stations)
The Alloy Foldaway Emergency Stretcher with Wheels is a versatile and essential medical device designed for the swift and secure transfer of patients in emergency situations. Constructed from lightweight yet durable alloy materials, it combines strength and portability. This stretcher features a foldable design, allowing for compact storage and rapid deployment when required. It is equipped with wheels for ease of movement, making it highly manoeuvrable in a time-sensitive environment.

This stretcher offers both comfort and stability, ensuring patients' safety during transport. It is an invaluable tool for paramedics, emergency medical teams, and hospitals, providing a reliable and efficient means of transporting patients while preserving their well-being.

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