Alloy Dual-Fold Emergency Pole Stretcher


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Alloy Dual-Fold Emergency Pole Stretcher

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  • Size : 2070mm x 540mm x 140mm. Folds to 103cm x 18cm x 10cm in a convenient carry bag
  • Material is wipeable (vinyl-like). Carry bag is non-wipeable
The Alloy Dual-Fold Emergency Pole Stretcher is an indispensable medical device engineered for the secure and efficient transfer of injured or incapacitated individuals during emergency situations. Constructed from robust yet lightweight alloy materials, this stretcher features a dual-fold design that enables compact storage and swift deployment. Its unique configuration includes attachment points for poles, ensuring stability and balance during lifting and transportation.

This stretcher is ideal for various emergency scenarios, such as search and rescue operations, disaster response teams, and wilderness evacuations, where mobility and patient safety are paramount. Its dual-fold design adds versatility, allowing for easy maneuverability in tight spaces or challenging terrains.

With multiple securing points, restraints, and cushioning, this stretcher prioritises patient safety and comfort while maintaining spinal alignment. The Alloy Dual-Fold Emergency Pole Stretcher is a crucial tool for first responders and medical professionals, ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care and protection during critical moments of transfer and evacuation. Its versatility and reliability make it an essential asset in the realm of emergency medical services.

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