Plastic Spine Board Stretcher with Straps


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Plastic Spine Board Stretcher with Straps

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  • Size: 1840mm x 450mm x 60mm
  • This board can be included on a safety station, for use on construction sites
The Plastic Spine Board Stretcher with Straps is a vital piece of medical equipment designed to immobilise and safely transport individuals with potential spinal injuries. Crafted from durable yet lightweight plastic, this stretcher offers exceptional support and stability while minimising the risk of further injury. It features strategically placed straps and restraints that secure the patient in place, ensuring that their spine remains aligned during transport.

The rigid structure of the spine board prevents any flexing, bending, or twisting, which is crucial in cases of suspected spinal trauma. This stretcher is a critical tool for emergency responders, ensuring the safe and secure transfer of patients with spinal concerns, such as after accidents or falls.

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