Fire Extinguisher Identification Sign – CO2 Type


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CO2 Fire Extinguisher Identification Sign

  • Poly
  • 90mm High x 90mm Wide

About this Sign

This sign as per the requirements in Australian Standards AS2444 needs to displayed above any size or type of CO2 extinguisher. As the purpose of a fire extinguisher identification sign is to show what type of extinguisher is there and what fires it can be used against. The CO2 extinguisher location sign is a critical element in fire safety preparedness within any residential, commercial, or industrial setting. Designed to be prominently displayed in key areas, this sign acts as a visual guide, aiding in the swift identification of the nearest CO2 fire extinguisher during emergency situations. With its clear and universally recognizable symbols, the CO2 extinguisher location sign ensures that individuals can respond rapidly and effectively to combat fires, mitigating potential risks and damages. Importance of Fire Safety Preparedness In any environment, the threat of fire looms large, necessitating comprehensive fire safety preparedness. CO2 fire extinguishers are specifically suited for combating fires involving flammable liquids and electrical equipment, making them indispensable in workplaces and industrial settings. Rapid access to these extinguishers can significantly reduce the extent of fire damage and protect human lives. The CO2 extinguisher location sign plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal by aiding both occupants and first responders in locating these life-saving devices quickly and efficiently. Design and Features The CO2 extinguisher location sign boasts a simple yet highly effective design. The rectangular sign typically features a bright red background with a black symbol depicting the outline of a fire extinguisher. Often accompanied by the letter "CO2" in bold black lettering, the sign leaves no room for ambiguity, ensuring immediate recognition. The standardized colour scheme conforms to international safety regulations, making the sign universally comprehensible across different cultures and languages. To maximize visibility, these signs are usually placed at eye level and strategically positioned near potential fire hazards, such as electrical panels, kitchens, machinery, and storage areas. Compliance and Regulations The installation of CO2 extinguisher location signs is mandatory in many regions and adheres to specific fire safety codes and regulations. Compliance with these requirements is crucial for maintaining safety certifications and ensuring the overall well-being of building occupants. Fire safety inspections routinely assess the proper placement and visibility of such signs, emphasizing the importance of keeping them unobstructed and up-to-date. The CO2 extinguisher location sign serves as a fundamental element of fire safety protocols, contributing to the protection of life and property in the face of fire emergencies. By facilitating rapid access to CO2 fire extinguishers, this straightforward yet indispensable sign empowers individuals to respond promptly and effectively in times of crisis. Emphasizing its importance through compliance with regulations and periodic inspections can foster a safety-conscious culture, ensuring a safer environment for everyone. To see the full range of safety signs, please click this link –

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