Factory Evacuation System System Design


Evacuation Siren System Design

Did you know our team can help you design an emergency system for your;

  • Factory evacuation.
  • Warehouse evacuation.
  • Building evacuation.

Also suitable for;

  • Site evacuation.
  • Construction site evacuation.

Just email your site plans to sales@checkpointproducts.com.au and we will come up with a solution.

How Does The Cygnus Evacuation System Work?

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System is a reliable siren system which has;

  • Easy push button activation. Once one unit is activated, this activates all units on site.
  • Battery powered siren operation (this means you can safely evacuate your site even in a power outage!).
  • Wireless mesh network (this means each device on site acts as a repeater for the wireless signal).
  • LED strobe light incorporated in some models.

Advanced features also available are;

  • SMS text message sends alerts to your teams mobile phones
  • Radio voice alerts can be broadcast over site radios
  • Cygnus control panel monitors system automatically and has a display screen of where the alert was initiated.
  • Siren delays can be added for different zones.
  • Free programming app available to change the settings and activate other functions.
  • Interface panels can interlink the Cygnus system with your existing system/infrastructure.

Common evacuation call points pictured below. These devices trigger a site wide evacuation in the event of an emergency or evacuation drill.


Once your evacuation system is in place, it is important to;

  • Test the system regularly
  • Record the tests as per your company policy
  • Ensure all employees know where to assemble
  • Have a maintenance plan in place
  • Ensure the sirens can be heard/strobe lights are visible in all required areas
  • Make sure your WHS adviser confirms the system is compliant for your application

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