The Importance of a Stove Shut off Device!


The Importance of a Stove Shut Off Device!

Did you know that over 50% of house fires start in the kitchen?

After seeing this staggering statistic the  Checkpoint team went on the hunt for a simple yet smart solution to help reduce this number within Australia. This is why we are introducing to you the Innohome Stoveguard – a smart stove shut off device that provides that peace of mind needed in areas such as;

  • Student Accommodation – university, college dorms, schools
  • Private Accommodation – such as – AirBnB, hotels and motels
  • Aged Care Sector – independent living, retirement villages
  • SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Housing 
  • Social/Affordable Housing 
  • BTR (Build-To-Rent) Housing
  • High Rise Apartment Buildings 

The Stoveguard – Stove Shut off Device works by:

  1. Detecting dangerous heat levels on the surface of the cooktop using a smart sensor with inbuilt learning algorithm
  2. Sounds the local alarm
  3. …If local alarm is not acknowleged…
  4. The power to the stovetop will be immediately switched off – THUS PREVENTING THE FIRE FROM IGNITING

The benefits of preventing a fire before it starts are endless. The damage caused by a fire starting and in turn triggering a sprinkler system or fire suppression system can be very costly – as water or foam can create further unnecessary damage to the property, that could have been prevented through the use of smart devices like the Stoveguard – stove shut off device. Considering the small outlay of money spent of a device such as the Stoveguard the lives, money and property that can be saved outweighs the small cost!

Have a read through this interesting case study on the Stoveguard being used in luxury apartments in London, which eliminated the need of a fire suppression system –

Check out the below link to see videos of the Stoveguard in action, you can also purchase the device online with the below link –

Innohome Stove Guard