UV Resistant Fire Extinguisher Clear Cover Bag – Medium


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Plastic UV Resistant Fire Extinguisher Cover - Medium

  • Made from UV Resistant Plastic
  • Suitable for use on 1.5kg - 4.5kg

About this Cover

A medium-sized Plastic UV Resistant Fire Extinguisher Cover is a protective and safety-enhancing solution for fire extinguishers in outdoor and UV-exposed environments. Crafted from durable and UV-resistant plastic materials, this cover shields fire extinguishers from the harmful effects of sunlight, preventing degradation and maintaining their functionality. It features a snug fit, ensuring the extinguisher remains securely encased.

This cover acts as a barrier against dust, debris, and other contaminants, safeguarding the extinguisher's readiness. Its medium size allows it to accommodate a range of fire extinguisher models. It's a reliable and cost-effective addition to fire safety equipment, prolonging the life and effectiveness of essential firefighting tools.

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