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Stove Guard - The Easy Solution to Prevent Cooking Fires!

Welcome to the Stoveguard cooktop fire prevention device! This device prevents cooking fires - the latest smart Stove Shut Off Device by Checkpoint to keep your loved ones and property safe!


How does the Stove Guard - Stove Shut off Device work?

This fire protection /stove shut off device works by;
  1. Detecting dangerous heat levels on the surface of the cooktop.
  2. Sounds local alarm, if alarm is not heeded to,
  3. Unit cuts power to the cooktop, thus preventing a fire.

Stove guard prevents cooking fires using;

  • Main Control Unit - switches off electricity to the cooktop before a fire can begin!
  • Battery Powered Remote sensor - monitors cooktop temperature
  Made by Innohome Europe. Distributed in Australia & New Zealand by Checkpoint. Stove Guard is approved to Australian & New Zealand Standards


Did you know?

  • Over 50% of house fires start in the kitchen
  • Most of them could be prevented with a Stove Guard
  • Stove Guard assists independent living for seniors
  • Stove Guard gives peace of mind for accommodation owners & home owners

Stove Guard Features;

  • Advanced heat sensor technology, senses dangerous cooking temperatures and sounds alarm! If Alarm is not acknowledged, power is switched off to the stove immediately.
  • Sensor connects to control unit with wireless link
  • Sensor operates continuously, with 10 year battery life
  • Intelligent sensor adapts to users cooking style using inbuilt learning algorithm
  • Audible alarm prior and during shut down
  • If heat sensor is removed, cooktop is disabled
  • Extremely low energy use
  • Works silently in the background
  • Provides freedom for users
  • Automatic cooktop shut-down with easy reset function
  • Self testing
  • Alarm outputs if required

Prevent Fires! Don't just alarm about them.

Every fire causes at least some property damage. The most drastic ones destroy lives and cannot be compensated with money - so installing this simple stove shut of device can save what you cant afford to lose.

Stove guard prevents cooking fires

Stoveguard Cooktop Fire Prevention Video Resources

Live Test of Stove Guard on High Power Induction Cooktop



What is a Stove Guard?


Did You Know - 50% of House Fires start in the Kitchen?


Stove Guard on Discover Channel


Stove Guard Works to Prevent Cooking Fires for

  • Student Accommodation
  • University, College dorms and Schools
  • Private accommodation, AirBnB etc.
  • Aged care sector. Independent living, retirement villages etc.
  • High rise buildings
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Disability care
  • Rehabilitation care

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