Spill Kit First Responder Station


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  • Polyethylene weatherproof cabinet
  • Cygnus Wireless Alarm Call Point (optional)
  • Tamper Switch on cabinet door, activates alarm when door is opened (deters misuse of safety equipment, and alerts safety personnel of potential incident)
  • Custom Spill Control Absorbent Kit contents, to suit your site specific requirements
  • Absorbent products for oil, chemical or general maintenance or a mixture of both
  • Small national compliant First Aid Kit in ABS weatherproof enclosure
  • Small Fire Extinguisher mounted in vehicle clamp type bracket
  • Sticker Kit for equipment identification
  • A4 Aluminium Snap Frame for site evacuation plan or safety personnel contact details
  • Reflective Tape Kit
  • Photoluminescent Tape Kit
  • Company Logo Sticker Kit
  • Eyewash Station
  • Lens Cleaning Station
  • Sunscreen Applicator
  • Any other safety product/dispensing unit that you require

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