Solar Site Security Monitoring Camera Kit

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Checkpoint Solar Site Security Monitoring Camera Kit

Solar powered camera system for after-hours site security, with;

  • High quality hardware with 4 years warranty
  • Solar panel
  • Built in lithium battery designed to last 5-7 days from full charge
  • 60W LED Floodlight – motion sensor activated – the ultimate deterrent for intruders!
  • 4MP or 8MP camera options
  • Wifi or 4G modem for remote monitoring
  • Professional reliably engineered systems to suit your requirements
  • Reusable hardware for short term projects
  • Hire or purchase


Features available;

  • Ideal for monitoring remote sites without power
  • Motion Sensor floodlight – ultimate deterrent for intruders.
  • Battery powered
  • Wifi or 4G connectivity
  • Supplied as complete kit
  • Requires pole (not included)
  • SIM Card solutions available
  • Cheaper than hiring a security guard to man your site after hours
  • Reliable system to protect your valuable assets.
  • Configurable tamper detection & motion detection settings
  • Ideal for construction sites or events


How Checkpoint Solar Site Security Camera Systems can benefit you

Site camera systems provide owners with valuable resources to;

  • Remotely monitor sites or events without power
  • Protect your valuable assets from vandalism/theft
  • Prevent intruders climbing structures or tower cranes
  • Virtual security guard at very low cost
  • Relocate to your next site/event


Contact information

Phone: 1800 273 473


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