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Checkpoint CCTV Surveillance Camera System

Tailored camera systems for site monitoring or security, with;

  • High quality hardware
  • Professional reliably engineered systems to suit your requirements
  • Reusable hardware for short term projects
  • Options to hire or purchase


Features available

  • Professional High Definition Cameras with options for Indoor/Outdoor models, Infra-Red (IR) Illumination for low light performance, Zoom functionality etc.
  • Plug and play systems for fast installation
  • DVR recorders with either 4 channel (4 cameras), 8 channel (8 cameras) or 16 channel capacity
  • Record all cameras at full frame rate to hard drive storage
  • Hard drive storage options of 1, 2, 4, 6, or 12 TB
  • Connectivity using hard wired Ethernet/Wifi connection or 3G/4G mobile networks
  • Remotely monitor your site using PC or mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Remotely configure system settings and firmware updates
  • All channels support smart search (search for a video where motion was detected in a selected area) and synchronous playback
  • Configurable alerts such as automated emails (with attached snapshot or video) or buzzer/siren for deterrent
  • Configurable tamper detection & motion detection


How Checkpoint CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems can benefit you

Site camera systems provide owners with valuable resources to;

  • Protect your valuable assets
  • Record site activity
  • Provide remote monitoring for management staff
  • Record time lapse progress
  • Record safety breaches/incidents
  • Record incidents of theft or trespassing
  • Provide a visual deterrent for illegal activity
  • Provide a professional company image with accountability for everyone on your site


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Phone: 1800 273 473


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