Evacuation Siren (standalone)


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  • Boost safety with this wireless, mains-powered evacuation siren:
  • 127dB 1680Hz Super M Siren: compatible with other 12v or 240v sirens
  • Wireless Networking: establishes a local network with other devices using an internal radio frequency chip
  • Flexible: use as standalone system with one or more triggers or sirens, or incorporate a TCU and/or smartphone app for added functionality
  • Large Aluminum Backboard: for easy mounting and visibility
  • Multiple Control Options: activated via system or paired evacuation trigger, TCU, or smartphone app
  • Expandable: add devices as needed
  • Customisable Alerts: tailored siren pattern and length, choose to pair with one or more triggers or entire system
  • Network Loss Notification: alerts users to loss of network connectivity or power
  • Management Control: allows pre-approval settings and selective siren activation

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