Emergency Assembly Area Beacon with Call Point CYGFAP01C


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CYGFAP01C Emergency Assembly Area Beacon with Call Point

  • Emergency Assembly Area Beacon
  • Strobe Light Only
  • Can be Programmed to Operate on Separate Zone to Other Devices
  • Comes with Call Point Activation/Trigger Button
  • No Signal Repeaters/Boosters Required as Each Device Acts as a Repeater Station
  • Mesh Network Means each Device Receives and Transmits Signal to Greatly Increase Site Coverage
  • Operates using single battery pack (at least 12 months life during normal operation)
  • Battery Pack Included
  • High Intensity LED Strobe Light
  • IP65 Enclosure (Waterproof and Dustproof for Outdoor Installation)
  • Each Unit can be Custom Named with it’s Location
  • Custom Programming Available using Software such as Call Point Location Name etc.
  • Designed to be Installed at Site Emergency Assembly Area/Muster Point

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