Cygnus Lockdown System CYGLDAP & CYGLDA


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Cygnus Lockdown System
  • CYGLDAP - Cygnus Lockdown Panel
  • CYGLDA - Cygnus Lockdown Call Point
The Cygnus Lockdown Alarm System has been developed primarily for schools, universities, public buildings etc. – to warn and protect of an intruder or other critical event. The system comprises of a control panel and remote devices that connect through the same wireless mesh network that all Cygnus points work off. Alarm devices can be located in teaching area, so when the alarm is activated the staff and persons can follow the lockdown procedure promptly. Any alarm point also has a call point which can be activated by a staff member in any area, just like the Cygnus Fire/First Aid call point system. The lockdown alarm control panel is an optional addition – used to quickly notify an emergency contact of the location of distress so that authorities can be called promptly! This system can be interfaced and available added features such as SMS notifications using either the CYG64 or CYG14 control panels.
  • Can be Programmed to Operate on Separate Zones
  • No Signal Repeaters/Boosters Required as Each Device Acts as a Repeater Station
  • Mesh Network Means each Device Receives and Transmits Signal to Greatly Increase Site Coverage
  • Operates using single battery pack (at least 12 months life during normal operation)
  • Battery Pack Included
  • High Intensity LED Strobe Light
  • IP65 Enclosure (Waterproof and Dustproof for Outdoor Installation)
  • Each Unit can be Custom Named with it's Location
  • Custom Programming Available using Software such as Call Point Location Name etc.

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