Cygnus Exclusion Zone Alarm CYG8L4


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CYG8L4 Exclustion Zone Call Point Device

  • Exclusion Zone Call Point
  • Strobe light only – Siren optional
  • Usually programmed to operate on separate zone to other devices.
  • No signal repeaters/boosters required as each device acts as a repeater station
  • Mesh network means each device receives and transmits signal to greatly increase site coverage
  • Over 1km wireless range can be achieved with line of sight installations (no obstructions)
  • Operates using single battery pack (at least 12 months life during normal operation)
  • Battery pack included
  • High intensity LED strobe light
  • IP65 enclosure (waterproof and dustproof for outdoor installation)
  • Each unit can be custom named with it’s location
  • Custom programming available using software such as call point location name etc.
  • Usually installed at crane lift zones, loading zones, other high risk locations requiring an exclusion zone.

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