Cygnus Input/Output Interface Unit CYGIOU4


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CYGI4 Standalone Interface Device

  • Designed to Interface with External or Existing Systems
  • Connects Cygnus with External Systems Such As;
    • Turnstile Entry Systems
    • Door Release Systems
    • Existing Fire Alarm Systems
    • Biometric Security Systems
  • The Standard Cygnus Features Are;
    • No Signal Repeaters or Boosters Required as Each Device Acts as a Repeater Station
    • Mesh Network means Each Device Receives and Transmits Signal to Greatly Increase Site Coverage
    • Over 1km Range can be Achieved with Line of Sight Installations (No Obstructions)
    • Operates Using Single Battery Pack (At Least 12 Months Life During Normal Operation)
    • IP65 Enclosure (Waterproof and Dustproof for Outdoor Installation)

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