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CYG34 Standalone heat detector device – PIR Motion Sensor Optional.

  • Operates using a lithium battery pack
  • 85 dB(A) internal siren fitted
  • Thermistor type heat detector
  • Connects to Cygnus radio mesh the same as other devices
  • Transmits and receives messages from other devices to boost site signal coverage
  • When connected to the SMS control panel your site will be protected 24/7
  • Cygnus system can be programmed to send alerts to your after hours security company
  • Can be mounted in any position vertically or horizontally
  • Usually installed in strategic high risk areas where combustible materials are present
A wireless heat detector is a crucial component of modern fire safety systems designed to monitor and detect elevated temperatures in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. These devices are specifically engineered to identify rapid temperature changes and trigger alarms to mitigate potential fire hazards. Unlike traditional wired detectors, wireless heat detectors rely on radio frequency (RF) or Wi-Fi technology to communicate with central control panels or other interconnected devices. This heat detector feature a heat-sensitive element, thermistor, which can quickly respond to temperature variations. When the temperature surpasses a pre-set threshold, the detector sends a signal to the central control unit, which then activates alarms depending on the configured response. These devices offer significant advantages, including easy installation, scalability, and flexibility, as they can be placed in diverse locations without the constraints of wiring. Overall, wireless heat detectors play a pivotal role in enhancing fire safety by ensuring prompt and reliable temperature monitoring in various settings.

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