Cygnus Control Panel CYG14

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CYG14 Cygnus Control Panel
  • (SITEPROTECT) Cygnus Wireless Nurse Call and Evacuation System Base Station
  • Receives and displays location of incidents
  • Connects wirelessly to up to 480 devices in 15 different zones
  • Automatic system status monitoring every 6 hours
  • No signal repeaters/boosters required
  • Over 1km range can be achieved with line of sight installations (no obstructions)
  • Radio mesh network (all devices transmit and receive signals from all other devices to greatly increase site signal coverage)
  • LED backlit screen
  • Site evacuation function for emergencies or drills
  • Multiple Incident Broadcast Modules can be installed including SMS Text Message Module, UHF Radio Module or UHF Pager Module
  • Cam provides after hours security with optional PIR motion sensors and SMS Modules installed
  • Any combination of Cygnus devices can be connected
  • System monitors all connected devices for signal failure and battery level
  • Battery backup (will run for up to one month without power)
  • Requires 240v GPO for trickle charger
  • Records downloadable history log of all incidents
  • Site specific scrambling key ensures no interference
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  1. Digilari

    This product is really good

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