Cygnus Control Panel with SMS Module CYG14-SMS


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CYG14-SMS Cygnus Control Panel

  • Added Functionality to CYG14 Control Panel
  • Cygnus Wireless Nurse Call and Evacuation System Base Station
  • SMS Module Installed for Incident Reporting
  • Incidents Directly Reported to Site Safety Personnel or Third Party Monitoring Station (e.g. Security Company) via SMS Text Message
  • Separate Work Hours and After Hours Phone Books (So After Hours Incidents can be Monitored by Different Staff)
  • Receives and Displays Location of Incidents
  • Connects Wirelessly To Up To 480 Devices Within 15 Different Zones
  • Automatic System Status Monitoring Every 6 Hours
  • No Signal Repeaters/Boosters Required
  • Over 1km Range can be Achieved with Line of Sight Installations (No Obstructions)
  • Radio Mesh Network (All Devices Transmit and Receive Signals from all Other Devices to Greatly Increase Site Signal Coverage)
  • LED Backlit Screen
  • Site Evacuation Function for Emergencies or Drills
  • Multiple Incident Broadcast Modules can be Installed
  • Provides After Hours Security with Optional PIR Motion Sensors
  • Any Combination of Cygnus Devices can be Connected
  • System Monitors all Connected Devices for Signal Failure and Battery Level
  • Battery Backup (Will Run for up to One Month Without Power)
  • Requires 240v GPO for Trickle Charger
  • Records Downloadable History Log of All Incidents
  • Site Specific Scrambling Key Ensures No Interference
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