Combined Nurse Call Trigger and Evacuation Siren


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  • Enhance safety with this nurse call trigger and evacuation siren, featuring:
  • Dual Functionality: handles nurse calls and evacuation alerts
  • Wireless: easy setup without repeaters
  • High-Visibility Mounting: large aluminum backboard for quick access
  • Detailed Alerts: swift responses with precise location details
  • High-Decibel Siren: clear alerts in noisy settings (110dB-115dB)
  • Real-Time Alerts: updates on battery and signal strength via TCU, smartphone app, and web-based user portal (if opting into subscription services).
  • Secure Evacuation Triggers: trigger the evacuation sirens via the TCU and optional smartphone app (if opting into subscription services).
  • A reliable choice for effective emergency management.

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