Combined Evacuation Trigger and Evacuation Siren


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  • Boost safety with this dual-purpose Evacuation Trigger and Siren device, ensuring quick alert dissemination in emergencies:
  • Wireless: hassle-free and reliable, without the need for repeaters
  • Power Options: mains or battery power for continuous operation
  • Dedicated Trigger: quick alert activation or deactivation
  • High-Decibel Siren: ensures alerts are loud and clear
  • Visible Alerts: features a flashing strobe light and high-visibility backboard
  • Autonomous: can operate as a standalone device, offering deployment flexibility
  • Customisation: adjustable siren settings, evacuation event approvals, pairing with other triggers and sirens to create zones
  • Detailed Notifications: provides exact location info for swift action if used in conjunction with a TCU or smartphone app
  • Choose a reliable, efficient safety solution to protect workers across all your sites.

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