Collapsible Basket Aviation Stretcher


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Collapsible Basket Aviation Stretcher

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  • Folds to 126cm x 64.5cm x 21cm
The Collapsible Basket Aviation Stretcher is a specialized and essential piece of medical equipment designed for aeromedical transport, particularly in aviation and air ambulance services. Its collapsible design ensures easy storage and deployment when needed, making it a practical choice for air travel. The stretcher resembles a secure basket with ample support and restraints for patients, ensuring their comfort and safety during transport.

Crafted from lightweight yet durable materials, such as aluminum, this stretcher maintains a perfect balance between weight efficiency and sturdiness, allowing for stable patient transfer in-flight. The Collapsible Basket Aviation Stretcher is a crucial tool in critical care and medical evacuation scenarios, providing a reliable and secure means of transporting patients by air.

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