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Alloy Scoop Stretcher

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  • Extendable head rest for 170cm-190cm patient size
  • Folds down to 172cm x 43cm x 6cm
The alloy scoop stretcher is a specially designed medical device that serves a critical role in the field of emergency care and patient transport. Its primary objective is to minimize the risk of exacerbating existing injuries while effectively and gently immobilising and transporting an injured patient. This stretcher is crafted from lightweight yet durable materials, often using a combination of aluminum and plastic, which ensures both strength and ease of handling.

The unique feature of the alloy scoop stretcher is its ability to cradle the patient in a way that maintains their found position. This means that when a patient is lying on the ground, possibly with suspected spinal or pelvic injuries, the stretcher can be carefully positioned around the patient without the need for them to be moved or rolled onto their side. This is crucial in situations where any movement could potentially cause further harm.

The stretcher is divided into two separate halves, which can be gently opened and placed on either side of the patient. Once in position, the two halves are securely fastened together, creating a rigid and supportive surface beneath the patient. The design of the alloy scoop stretcher allows for easy and seamless insertion without any unnecessary shifting or jostling.

Additionally, the stretcher often comes equipped with straps or restraints to further secure the patient in place, preventing any movement during transport. This ensures that the patient's spine and injured areas are well-supported and protected, minimizing the risk of exacerbating their condition. Its innovative design prioritises patient safety by allowing for the gentle and secure transfer of injured individuals while keeping them in their original position, thereby reducing the risk of further injury or discomfort during the critical moments of care and transportation.

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