Retrofitting Cygnus Security Sensors




Has your site been broken into recently and had valuable tools and equipment stolen?

Checkpoint Products recently retrofitted eight PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensors to a project which had existing CYG5S4 nurse call points installed.

It is a simple process to install the inconspicuous sensor to the front of the call point.

Once installed, the sensor converts any Cygnus device into a security system.

The PIR sends and intruder alert to the main control panel when the system is armed. If you have the control panel with our mobile remote link, this means your site is protected 24/7 by sending users (or third party security company) a phone alert.

When an intruder is detected we can program the sirens to sound OR stay silent to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

Sirens can be programmed to sound for a set period of time (e.g. 3 min) to force the intruders to leave then the system automatically resets. If the intruder re-enters or moves past a second sensor, the system will activate another alert.