Reducing Incident Response Times


Reducing incident response times…

We often talk about the importance of reducing incident response times but do we really know how to ensure our sites have the best measures in place to make sure the space of time between an accident and the response is kept as lean as possible?

…well read on to find out how Checkpoints range of Safety Solutions can reduce incident response times either on or off-site.

We so often ask ourselves here at Checkpoint “What solutions can we offer to the construction, industrial, manufacturing industry to make safety more; Affordable. Simple. and Accessible. ”

So we came up with our range of First Responder Trolleys!

First Responder Trolleys

Our First Responder Trolleys have been used in so many applications (CHECK THEM OUT HERE!). We designed a lightweight base that can be customised with almost any combination of first aid, fire safety, spill containment products, Cygnus call points and so much more. Let us know what you need to “Reduce Incident Response Times” on your site, in your factory or anywhere there is a need for safety (which by the way is almost everywhere).

A good example of where these lightweight first responder trolleys are so effective is on sites that are widespread or on very open plans therefore the workers may not have access to first aid, fire and spill safety products. So the simple solution is to load up a first responder trolley take it out on-site for the day and there you have the resource close at hand.

Some of our most popular safety items that can be attached to the first responder trolleys are:

  • Cygnus Wireless Nurse Call Systems – Our Cygnus system can be configured to suit almost any site – from shipping yards, manufacturing plants, warehouses, construction sites etc. whether you have a complicated layout or an open plan we have technicians that will design a layout that will work to effectively alert of an emergency on-site. The addition of our Cygnus call points on the first responder trolleys is KEY to reducing response time between an accident, fire, first aid emergency and the response – as it works via a wireless mesh network that will connect to the control panel; the control panel can be programmed to have a radio module or SMS module. This further reduces incident response time by making a radio voice announcement over all radios in the system that there has been an accident or fire in a location that has been programmed into the system and or it can be programmed to send an SMS message to the mobile numbers of key incident response individuals on-site with the location of the incident. Hence the Cygnus system alerts incident response personnel effective immediately so that the response time can be kept to an absolute minimum and damage is kept as minimal as possible.
  • First Aid Kits – Our range of first aid kits provide endless options for any site-specific needs, which can be fastened onto the trolley for safekeeping and easy access.
  • Fire Protection – The first responder trolleys are designed to hold any size fire extinguisher – with the help of yet another option for a cradle. Because these trolleys can be moved so easily they can be positioned in the highest-risk locations to ensure that a fire can be extinguished ASAP.
  • Cabinets – These heavy-duty cabinets fit snuggly on the trolley to keep fire extinguishers, first aid kits, defibrillators, spill kits out of the weather and secure from vandals.
  • Stickers and Signs – Attach signs and signs that identify what is on your trolley for easy and quick access.
  • Snap Frames – These simple weatherproof snap frames can be used to display emergency evacuation plans, emergency contacts, emergency procedures or even just your company logo to keep track of your assets.

As you can see these simple lightweight trolleys are the ultimate solution to reducing the time between an incident and responding with the correct procedure! But…wait there is more!!! We also have a heavier more permanent solution the SiteHUBS.


  • Steel Safety Station – A robust station that can be used outside or inside to house all your safety, PPE, incident response items. It’s the perfect incident response solution for sites that need something heavy-duty and with large amounts of staff on site. It is easily movable by pallet jack or forklift, therefore making it easy to move it to an easy-access location or where ever works may be happening, to ensure it’s where it is needed at all times!
  • SiteHUB – A more lightweight portable option, the budget timber option comes flat packed with easy push together fittings. The flat-pack options also make it super easy to store when not in use. However, its capabilities are still great with the same attachment options as the steel station.

Read our past blog on the Cygnus System and understand for yourself how important it is to have evacuation systems on-site to make sure the above is true on your site. I guess what we have to think about when outputting money into safety, evacuation systems etc. is…what is a few hundred dollars to secure your site and safeguard each safety plan that you have to deal with any emergency situation that may occur. Ask yourself questions like; how much would it cost to lose an employee because of an incident that was responded to quickly enough? how much does a new machine cost if a fire breaks out and the right extinguishing tools were not close enough to minimise the damage? what’s the current length of time it takes to evacuate our site in the case of an emergency and what assets would we lose because of this?

Keeping your staff and assets safe in the case of an incident is your responsibility! So give get in contact with us today to secure your incident response unit and SAVE – LIVES, MONEY and TIME!


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