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Cygnus Heat Detector CYG34

CYG34 Standalone heat detector device – PIR Motion Sensor Optional.

  • Operates using a lithium battery pack
  • 85 dB(A) internal siren fitted
  • Thermistor type heat detector
  • Connects to Cygnus radio mesh the same as other devices
  • Transmits and receives messages from other devices to boost site signal coverage
  • When connected to the SMS control panel your site will be protected 24/7
  • Cygnus system can be programmed to send alerts to your after hours security company
  • Can be mounted in any position vertically or horizontally
  • Usually installed in strategic high risk areas where combustible materials are present

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Cygnus Evacuation & First Aid Alert Nurse Call Point Alarm – CYG24F

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Cygnus Evac+ Control Panel

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Cygnus detector interface CYGDI4

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PIR motion intruder sensor

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