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Cygnus Evac+ Control Panel

Cygnus Evac+ Control Panel

  • Cygnus Wireless Evacuation System Base Station
  • Simple Operation
  • Evacuate site & Silence System buttons
  • Receives & displays location of incidents
  • Connects via wireless mesh network to up to 32 devices
  • No signal repeaters/boosters required
  • Over 1km range can be achieved with line of sight installations (no obstructions)
  • Radio mesh network (all devices transmit and receive signals from all other devices to greatly increase site signal coverage)
  • Integrated screen
  • Site evacuation function for emergencies or drills
  • Battery backup
  • Requires 240v GPO for trickle charger
  • Site specific encryption key ensures no interference

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Cygnus Control Panel CYG14

Cygnus Control Panel CYG14View

Cygnus Smoke Detector CYG44

Cygnus Smoke Detector CYG44View

Cygnus Control Panel CYG64

Cygnus Control Panel CYG64View

Cygnus Control Panel with UHF Pager Module CYG14-PAGER

Cygnus Control Panel with UHF Pager Module CYG14-PAGERView

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