Prevent Cooking Fires with Stove Guard


Did you know the #1 cause of house fires globally occur in the kitchen from cooking?

Nothing is more devastating than a house fire, so please take note to ensure your loved ones and valuable property remain safe.

Some Important Tips for Kitchen Fire Safety are;

  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Install a smoke alarm and test it regularly. It is not recommended to install a smoke detector in the kitchen, however make sure there is one nearby.
  • Keep Children away from cooktops and ovens during cooking.
  • Heat cooking oil slowly and carefully to avoid overheating or splashing oil.
  • If cooking oil catches fire turn off the hotplate and use a lid or fire blanket to smother the fire. Be extremely careful! Cooking oil fires are extremely hot and dangerous. If you don’t feel confident, switch off the power leave the premises and dial 000.
  • Never use water to try and extinguisher a cooking fire!
  • Ensure saucepans and pot handles are turned inwards to prevent accidental knocks and out of reach of children.
  • Keep your hotplates and workspace clean, along with the rangehood and other kitchen appliances.
  • Install a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in the kitchen and make sure you know how to use them. They need to be installed at least 1m from the cooking area, ideally towards the nearest exit.
  • Ensure all cooking appliances are turned off after use.


Introducing Stove Guard by InnoHome.

An additional way to ensure the safety of your Kitchen is to install a Stove Guard device by Innohome.

This is smart solution consists of an intelligent heat sensor which mounts under your rangehood, and links wirelessly to the controller. If the sensor detects a dangerous level of heat on the cooktop it immediately cuts the power to the cooktop. This means that it prevents a fire before it starts! Read on for more information.



Ideal for everyday living, independent living, aged card facilities, student accomodation, any accomodation such as Airbnb etc.

For more information please view the product page here;

Further video resources below.


What is a Stove Guard?

Short video explaining how the Stove Guard Works.


Live Test of Stove Guard on High Power Induction Cooktop.

It is frightening to see how quick a fire can start, and take hold in your kitchen! Just over 3 minutes from start to flames!


Over 50% of House Fires Start In Kitchen


Stove Guard on Discovery Channel


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