New! Cygnus UHF Radio Module Control Panel


Checkpoint Products have recently launched the CYG14-UHF Control Panel that directly interfaces with your site UHF Radios!

Incident type and location is directly reported to site safety personnel via a voice message broadcast over the site radios.

The Cygnus UHF Radio Module uses cutting edge software that works offline (no internet connection required for operation) to ensure simple and reliable operation.

The behaviour of the UHF Module is fully customisable as well, in relation to;

  • Connecting to analogue or digital radios
  • Voice message repetition rate
  • Voice type
  • Speed
  • Tone
  • Word Substitution

The Cygnus Wireless Nurse Call System for Construction Sites is already loaded with technology including;

  • Mesh network – no expensive repeaters
  • Modular system – can be configured to suit any project
  • Huge capacity – up to 480 call points per control panel
  • Multiple devices – including Nurse Call/First Aid, Evacuation, Fire Alarm, Smoke Detection, Heat Detection, Security Sensor models available
  • Combination devices – a single device can be configured to offer three separate systems (e.g. CYG5S4-PIR First Aid, Evacuation & Security)

cygnus-wireless-nurse-call-system1      uhf-module-cygnus-nurse-call-system