Making Safety Easy Using Wireless Technology


Cygnus Wireless technology

Wireless technology and battery powered devices are clearly the way of the future when it comes to safety solutions. Innovative, powerful, reliable, modular, adaptable and easy to use are all features required by modern safety systems.

Cygnus Modular Features

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System, the leading global brand of emergency alarms, is an innovative modular system that encompasses site evacuation, first aid alert & nurse call systems, fire detection, exclusion zone alarms and site security alarms. The system is manufactured in the UK and distributed globally, has several unique features that set it apart from systems using old technology.

  • Battery evacuation sirens/strobe lights mean users can safety evacuate their site, even in a power outage.
  • Mesh network technology means no expensive repeaters (which require mains power) required to cover large sites.
  • Interfacing with existing site infrastructure is easy, using the customisable interface panel.
  • Incident alerts can be broadcast as a voice message over site radios and/or mobile phone alerts.
  • Customisation is easy using the Cygnus software app.

Cygnus Global Presence

Cygnus is proven to work in challenging environments, and can be found installed on signature global projects such as the London Cross Rail, 1 Palace Street, Canary Wharf, North West Rail Link, Cross Yarra Partnership, Barangaroo and many more.

First Responder Stations

Combining Cygnus with First Responder Stations, which are custom safety trolleys for First Aid, Fire Safety & Spill Kits is the ultimate solution for site safety. Providing a central safety point with custom safety equipment to address all site specific safety risks.

Australian Contact Details

Phone: 1800 273 473 (Australia) or +61262843173 (Overseas)


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