Construction sites are some of the most dangerous and hectic working environments. Our solutions are designed to secure your safety, prevent accidents and ensure construction workers get home safely every day.

Construction sites can also be vulnerable to intruders out-of-hours, so they require 24/7 protection. The SiteProtect Wireless Alarm System works within areas of dense concrete or steel frames, and over long distances, thanks to its powerful radio sensitivity. In addition to safety benefits, our versatile and portable alarm systems can be moved around as the site changes or grows, saving time and money.



The SiteProtect fire detection system is ideally suited to new shipbuilding and ship refurbishment. It provides robust radio coverage in demanding and rapidly evolving environments.

SiteProtect works on a mesh protocol that enables the system to overcome signal obstacles such as steel structures and other signal interferences, therefore offering advanced protection for both workers and ships.

Trusted by leading shipbuilders, the SiteProtect system is ideal for use of medium and large ships, and on commercial, cruise and military vessels.


Guaranteed to make your project stand out seamlessly blending fire protection products into your interior design without compromising safety or aesthetics.
Fire safety in building design is a subject of paramount importance, as it shoulder be when lives are ultimately at risk. This constraint can present some formidable challenges for the design team behind any project – but Checkpoint has you covered.


The Cygnus Lockdown alarm system has been developed primarily for the education market, although the system can be installed in any large public spaces such as shopping centres, to protect and warn of an intruder or other critical event. The system comprises of a control panel and remote devices that connect to each other through a wireless mesh network. Alarm devices can be located in each teaching area, so when the alarm is activated the staff and pupils will follow the lockdown procedure. An alarm device also has a call point which can be activated by the staff member in any area just like a fire call point system.

The lockdown alarm control panel notifies a responsible person of an active alarm to quickly identify the location of the activation and alert the authorities.

The system can be interfaced with the premises public address system using a Cygnus Input/Output device, this allows a voice message to be broadcast in the event of a lockdown.

Home Protection

Checkpoint provides an extensive range of products that will protect your home from fire damage. From small home kits with a mix of fire extinguishers and fire blankets, to innovative solutions such as Innohome Stove Guard which prevents cooking fires and PHOS-CHECK, the ultimate home protection to safeguard your most valuable assets from the harsh bushfires of Australia.

Whatever your needs, Checkpoint are committed to delivering the most reliable product range, approved, and accredited to rigorous safety standards.