The Importance of a Bushfire Safety Plan


The Importance of a Bushfire Safety Plan in Australia is critical, our summers are long, harsh, dry and have intense heat levels.

The heightened risk of bushfire during the summer season in Australia is very prevalent and any house or property situated in or close to bushland should have a solid bushfire safety plan in place prior to summer.

There are many ways to secure your home or property and drastically reduce the threat of losing property and lives to bushfire. Here at Checkpoint we take the importance of a bushfire safety plan very seriously and that’s why we decided to add the PHOS-CHEK fire retardant in perfect residential size bottles to our range of fire safety products.

…and YES these 2.8L bottles of PHOS-CHEK are the same as the red fire retardant that fire bombers drop to reduce the spread and contain wildfires.

The Rural Fire Service advise all residents in danger of bushfire to secure their plan and with apps now available on your mobile or computer like “NSW Fires Near Me” you can make sure you are always alert and on call at anytime to ensure your risk is kept low and property and lives are safe! Along side this the use of PHOS-CHEK fire retardant, will provide peace of mind that your property is as safe as you can make it to ensure minimal damage in the case of bushfire.

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