Example of custom Cygnus system in London


A new project underway in Canary Wharf London is benefiting from the help of a new product specially developed by fire and safety specialists of the Cygnus Group.

At the new phase development project, Wood Wharf, land is being reclaimed from West India Dock South as part of the redevelopment of a new 34-acre estate as an expansion of Canary Wharf.


Tubular piles inserted into the water of the docks allow a cofferdam to be built, and so form new land foundations for construction. 

To protect workers from potential flooding during construction, an alarm system was essential. This is where the Cygnus Group, with their many years of safety alarms experience, was called in to help with a solution. Working with Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd., Cygnus Group developed a special panic alarm system based on its proven Cygnus wireless alarm. 

The customised Cygnus units include panic buttons, beacons, a traffic light system to ensure safe travel to certain areas on site, and a central Cygnus control panel with an auto dialler GSM Communicator installed which provides out-of-hours protection by auto-dialling up to ten phone numbers of responsible persons in an emergency. Additional call points and first aid alerts from the Cygnus range can link up to this bespoke system enabling an entire site-wide alarm and evacuation service. 

The Cygnus alarm system can link as many as 480 alarm and detector units in different zones on a site, and individual units can be fire alarm call points, first aid alerts, combined call points and first aid alerts, smoke detectors or heat detectors.