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The importance of a well thought out Emergency Alarm System Design in factories, warehouses, yards and the likes are key to a safe environment with incident / emergency response times kept to a minimum to ensure the least amount of damage to property and injury to workers.

We all know from past experience that no matter how many safety measures we have in place in our workplaces there is still room for human error or dangers out of our control or that are hard to totally eradicate. Every company aims to have a zero count incident or error report, hence all safety response and evacuation procedures should be in place to reduce and minimise response time and risk.

Checkpoint Group has a wide range of solutions to reduce emergency response times and onsite safety, with products in:

One of the most critical aspects of a safety plan especially in an industrial factory, civil / shipping / construction yard, manufacturing plant or any area for that matter that has loud machinery or equipment, large expanse of land, workers working alone away from other people or high density of workers in the one area is making sure emergency response times are as lean as humanly possible. This is where Emergency Alarm System Design is key and Checkpoint Group is here to help design the perfect Emergency Alarm System using our Cygnus wireless system…

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System is a tried and tested system, unrivalled in its performance and reliability, raising the bar in the industry, and proving itself to be the most dependable and adaptable wireless safety system available. The system is completely wireless, working with a mesh network that uses each device in the system as a repeater, therefore strengthening the signal and in turn the capability of any set-up. When connected with the Cygnus control panel any one system can link up to 480 individual call point units in up to 15 different zones and can be configured with any combination of units to suit specific site / yard needs. The system can be fully customised and programmed to suit almost any need or specification that our clients have.

As we can see the versatility of this emergency alert alarm system is why it can be used in so many applications, some of the most common products from the range are:

  • CYG14 – Control Panel; with Options for SMS Notification and/or a UHF Radio Voice Module
  • CYG24F – Emergency Siren Alarm and Nurse Call Point (with Strobe Light and 110dB(A) Siren)
  • CYG24 – Evacuation and Fire Call Point Alarm (with Strobe Light and 110dB(A) Siren)
  • CYG5S4 – Evacuation and First Aid Alert Nurse Call Point Alarm (with Strobe Light and 110dB(A) Siren)
  • CYG24-85 – Evacuation and Fire Call Point for Offices or Indoor Areas (with 85dB(A) Siren)

Due to the fact that there are endless configurations available the Cygnus system provides a simple, smart evacuation/emergency response system that every factory needs. We also have an endless range of security camera systems and radio options that can be interfaced with the Cygnus system. Checkpoint introduced the first responder trolleys into their range a while back to meet the demand of our clients when they asked for a lightweight, mobile solution to move the Cygnus call points around as well as being able to attach accident response tools such as spill kits, fist aid kits, fire extinguishers etc. the First Responder trolleys have endless attachment options and are the ultimate addition to your evacuation / safety plan.

Just one example of how effective having a factory evacuation system designed specifically to suit the layout and needs of your site / factory / yard etc. If we look at a real life scenario where we have a worker in a manufacturing plant on a noisy machine  500m away from any other people and he gets his hand stuck in the machine; no-one can hear him yell and no one is there to see the accident unfold Рwe have to outcomes:

#1 – Without a Wireless Emergency First Aid Call Point at the Machine: the person could potentially be crushed or bleed to death or incur permanent damage because of the extended amount of time it could take for someone to respond and get medical attention for the person.

#2 – WITH a Wireless Emergency First Aid Call Point at the Machine: as soon as the incident happens the person can hit the emergency nurse call button, which will sound an alarm and report back to the control panel with the location of the incident and furthermore if the factory evacuation system is programmed to have the SMS alerts sent to selected phone numbers they will receive a text message that tells them the location of the incident and whether it is an fire/evacuation alert or first aid alert. Therefore the person who is calling for help can notify others and medical attention can be administered in the shortest possible response time.

In conclusion, we can see that reducing response time between accidents (including fire, first aid emergencies, lockdowns, general worksite accidents etc.) is crucial and can be the difference between life and death, severe structural damage and minor damage, utter chaos and confusion in the event of an evacuation or lockdown and a smooth quick to action orderly evacuation.

Here at Checkpoint, we have a combined wealth of knowledge and years in the construction, civil, mining, factory, safety, PPE, fire safety and risk assessment field and we are always here to assist in the process of designing, quoting, ordering, programming & commissioning and installing the perfect wireless evacuation system to suit your needs.

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