Cygnus Wireless Interface Device


Cygnus Wireless Evacuation System helps cut costs during construction

Did you know, the modular Cygnus system can be interfaced and connected with multiple external systems very simply, by using the Cygnus CYGI4 Interface Device?

Building and construction sites can easily protected from fire, secured from unauthorised entry, and workers protected with first aid call points, all in one system.

Cygnus saves Builders and Contractors time and money by being fully wireless (saves installation time and cable costs), battery powered and simple to connect/interface with multiple existing or external systems.

The CYGI4 Interface unit is a purpose built wireless device with programmable features/outputs to facilitate functions during an evacuation, such as;

  • Turnstile release during evacuation
  • Door/gate release in the event of a fire or emergency
  • Interfacing with existing fire alarm systems
  • Interface with biometric security system

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