Cygnus Project Case Study – Leichhardt Green NSW


Cygnus Project Case Study

Cygnus Nurse Call and Evacuation System at Leichhardt Green

Checkpoint Group and Cygnus are working with Richard Crookes to protect workers at the Leichhardt Green project in Sydney NSW.

The project is an ideal application for the Cygnus product with four large buildings of six to eight floors each plus basement levels.

The Cygnus mesh network technology means no repeaters are required for the system to operate reliably, even when Cygnus devices are installed in the basement levels.

The Cygnus Radio Voice Alert Module installed on this site cuts down response time, as the location of every incident is automatically broadcast over the site radios.

How does the Cygnus mesh network technology work?

The mesh network means when a remote call point is activated for a first aid emergency, that device instantly sends the wireless signal to the next nearest device and the signal is repeated through the network (via the fastest route) so the message always reaches the Cygnus Control Panel. This always ensures reliable operation even if the activated Call Point is not within direct communication with the Cygnus Control Panel.

How does the Cygnus evacuation system work?

The Cygnus Wireless Evacuation System works by activating every device on site with an in-built siren to alert workers to leave the site immediately and proceed to the emergency assembly area. The Evacuation can be triggered a number of ways including;

  • Via the Cygnus Control Panel
  • Via an optional specific Evacuation Call Point
  • Via an external device or system using our Cygnus Interface Panel

An example of how Cygnus can interface with an existing system, Cygnus can be connected to a buildings existing Fire Indicator Panel, so if there is an emergency (e.g. fire breaks out), the Cygnus system receives the signal and automatically evacuates the construction zone. Using the Cygnus interface panel we can unlock the turnstile gates during an evacuation to ensure workers can exit the site quickly and easily.

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