Cygnus installed at Sydney Metro Rail Link Project


Checkpoint Products recently installed a Cygnus combined wireless nurse call & evacuation system in the Sydney Metro Rail Link project!

The system is ideal for underground projects – the mesh network means each call point acts as a repeater station for the wireless signal.

The CYG24F call points installed give the staff the ability to evacuate the site or press the first aid button to alert the first aid personnel on duty.

The Cygnus CYG24F Call Point Installed at the tunnel entrance
The Sydney Metro Rail Link Station Site – Note the large distances covered by the Cygnus Wireless Range.
A Checkpoint First Responder Station Trolley installed in the Metro Project – the waterproof cabinet houses the Defibrillator and First Aid Kit contents. The Cygnus CYG24F Call Point is mounted on the trolley with Nurse Call Button and Evacuation Button in the event of a fire/explosion/gas leak or other emergency.