New! Checkpoint Architectural Cabinet Range


Checkpoint Architectural Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Introducing the Checkpoint 6000 series Architectural Cabinets!

This exciting new product range is designed to blend seamlessly into your interior.


Large cabinet range – custom made to order!

Fire safety in building design is a momentous subject (and rightly so) when lives are ultimately at risk. This constraint can present some formidable challenges for the design team behind any project. At Checkpoint, we thought it was time to ask some questions; We asked ourselves questions like: Why should structured and developed interior schemes be compromised in order to create a safer environment? And why should this emotive and topical issue be at the cost of aesthetics and form?

We answered them by developing the Checkpoint range of architectural fire safety cabinets.

Available in steel, stainless steel or aluminium, with multiple different sizes, door styles, finishes and designs.

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