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Cygnus Wireless Fire Alarms
Checkpoint Group Australia specialise in innovative, complete fire & safety solutions for the construction industry.

We are the proud Australian distributors of;

  • Cygnus Wireless Alarm System.
  • Commander Fire Protection Equipment.
  • First Responder Custom Safety Stations.
  • Stove Guard Cooktop Fire Prevention.
  • Custom Architectural Cabinets.
  • Security System Solutions.
  • Communication System Solutions.
  • First Aid Supplies.

Cygnus Wireless Alarm System

In our Cygnus product range, we stock First Aid Alert (Wireless Nurse Call), Evacuation, Fire Detection and Security Devices that customers can build into One Modular System.  We can tailor this to suit your specific site requirements.

Click here to view the product range;

Commander Fire Protection Equipment

The Commander products are a full range of Australian Standards Approved Products. This range incorporates quality Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets, Fire Hose Reels, Cabinets and more.

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First Responder Safety Stations

The First Responder Safety Stations are custom built to suit your requirements. Browse our range of solutions that are delivered to your site, ready to use.

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Stove Guard Cooktop Fire Protection

The latest smart device for preventing cooking fires, find out more below;

Custom Architectural Cabinets

Check out the range of cabinets available for your project here;


Global Network

With our manufacturers and affiliated companies in Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States we have the ability to become a successful supply partner to your business throughout Australia.

In conclusion, we are committed to providing solutions for local industries to protect lives and your investment. With the knowledge of latest technologies and innovations, we are a supplier of reliable, compliant fire safety products and services.

Local service global network

Some of the specialised services we offer are:

  • Alarm System Design for Construction Sites
  • Storage of Cygnus products for Large Contractors
  • Spare Parts and In-House Servicing of Equipment
  • Fire Extinguisher Installation Recommendations & Compliance
  • Site Safety Equipment Recommendations & Compliance
  • First Aid Equipment Recommendation & Compliance

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